Oral health is an aspect of pet care that is either ignored or overlooked. We know that by keeping our pet's teeth healthy and white, it will prolong their lives an average of 2 - 4 years. We perform all dental cleanings under general anesthesia and take full mouth digital dental x-rays. By taking dental x-rays we are able to visualize the problematic areas which would otherwise have gone unnoticed, and address them as needed. Home dental care plays an important role in maintaining your pet’s overall health, and we have a variety of products available to accomplish this task. 


We are proud to offer x-ray services with rapid film development in-house. This offers us a simple way to evaluate bones, tissues, and organs. We can identify issues such as broken bones, bladder stones, enlarged organs, arthritis, and other potential health-problems. Without x-ray capabilities, invasive and risky exploratory surgery may be needed to diagnose such problems. 

Puppy and Kitten Behavior

We reserve hour-long appointments to address the medical and behavioral issues presented by your new pet. We provide comprehensive informational folders for our clients at every puppy and kitten visit. This provides a solid path towards a happy and healthy adult life. 

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

We have the ability to take an in-depth look at your pet's internal function using techniques such as an electrocardiogram, a blood pressure monitor, and a glaucoma screening instrument. These tools allow us to evaluate your pet for heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), and elevated ocular pressure. Also, we work with an outside laboratory to evaluate the internal functions of your pet‘s organs

Home Delivery Service

We are happy to offer the convenience of home delivery products to our clients!  We are able to offer a wide variety of preventatives, and prescription diets through VetSource.  These products and medications come from a safe and reliable source unlike other commercial internet pharmacies.  To take advantage of this service, please click the 'Home Delivery' tab to explore all that our online pharmacy has to offer. 


Starting with the warm welcome at reception through to the professional veterinary consultation we’re eager to ensure you and your pets receive our best attention.

We are totally committed to providing you with a personal, professional and caring service. Take a look below at our range of services.

Preventative Health Care

We have a variety of wellness packages available for your pet including options that incorporate blood work, urinalysis, glaucoma testing, full-body x-rays, and blood pressure evaluations. These packages, in addition to the wellness exam, allow us to more accurately evaluate your pet's overall health. By obtaining a clear view of a pet's organ function and health, we are able to prevent many serious diseases and disorders that may arise without warning. Both our feline and canine companions are very good at masking pain. 

Wellness Exams

A regular physical examination is just as important for your pet as it is for you. We recommend a complete physical examination for your pet every six months.

Routine examinations involve education on a wide variety of issues relevant to your pet including nutrition, behavior, dental care, spaying and neutering, among others. We also discuss options for parasite control, kitten and puppy socialization, specific care for senior pets, and annual vaccinations catering to your pet’s lifestyle. An annual wellness exam is extremely important to assess all of your pet’s body systems and to discuss any questions or concerns with your veterinarian. Examinations are also essential in spotting problems before they become serious health issues.


Vaccines are useful in preventing common diseases. For your canine companions we provide distemper, parvovirus, bordetella, rabies, and leptospirosis. For our feline patients we provide feline leukemia, panleukopenia, rabies, and upper-respiratory disease. Our staff can assist your in deciding which preventative measures are necessary for your pet.

We use vaccines with recombinant DNA technology. These are the safest and best vaccines for your pet, these vaccines do not contain any substances that cause vaccine reactions.

General Surgery

All of our surgical procedures take place in our dedicated sterile surgical suite. We use the utmost care in monitoring our patients under anesthesia. Vital signs including heart rate, percentage of oxygen in the bloodstream, blood pressure, temperature, capillary refill time, and other values with every patient.